MARCH 2024

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Happy Women’s History Month in the United States, and International Women’s Day on March 8! In honor of this, on March 7, I will moderate a virtual panel celebrating women advocates of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion hosted by the AmerikaZentrum Hamburg and AWC Hamburg. You are invited to join the virtual session, please register here.

Speaking of women and inclusion, if you are eligible to vote in the U.S., have you requested your ballot to vote from abroad? Make your voice heard! Read on below to learn more about overseas voting. We may be an ocean away, but every vote counts, so request your ballot today!

Pictured: The Tonhain Kollektiv

This month, on Saturday, March 23, we have a special event - AWC member Ingrid McCue has kindly invited club members and guests to a house concert at her home with one of her favorites - the Tonhain Kollektiv, a group of young and dynamic chamber music musicians. She will provide catered small bites and drinks. The event is free - at the invitation of Ingrid. 

See details and register here.

I am excited about our new Activity series - AWC member Carol Fiedler will organize visits to Spiritual Places in Berlin - beginning with a private tour of the Berliner Dom on Thursday, March 21 at 12:30pm - REGISTER here

There are many other great programs this month, we look forward to seeing you  soon.



My-Linh Kunst
President, The American Women's Club of Berlin

The AWC Berlin is 100% member-run - we always welcome and appreciate your contribution, feedback and suggestions. Please email

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Syd Atlas

Louise Castro-Gavino

Michal Gelerman

Nella Hunkins

Renee Johnsson

Jeannette Weichhardt

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Once again (last time was 2019), AWC Berlin is hosting the Auction of Talents on June 15, 2024, at Prachtwerk (the event is already on Wild Apricot). This is a FUN-raising party to benefit our charities. There will be a live auction of services/experiences/events and a raffle. We welcome donations in either category.

The event will be open to AWC Berlin members and friends.


AWC members donate "talents"— for example dinner at their home for 6 people, a day out on a yacht for 4, a dumpling-making lesson for 20, a theme party for 30, a wine-tasting event, a weekend at their second home, a walking tour of their neighborhood, a group coaching session, a bike tour on their favorite trail ... The possibilities are endless!

Then we all bid for a spot at these events in a live auction format. This gives us the opportunity to join fun events with fellow members while raising money for our charities. 

All of us have a talent. Please consider donating yours for this good cause: email My-Linh by April 15 at

If you have a favorite business, consider approaching them for donations. Please contact My-Linh for marketing materials.


AWC Berlin was founded in 1894, 26 years before women in the United States gained their right to vote. The demand for women's suffrage began in the 1840s, emerging from the broader movement for women's rights. Sadly, only 7.8% of Americans living abroad voted in the 2020 presidential election. What would those suffragettes say to us now?

Americans living abroad must register to vote EACH YEAR and request their absentee ballots. You register with the LAST address in the USA where you voted from, even if you have no more connection to that location or it no longer exists (you are not allowed to use your family members’ current address if you have never lived and voted from there). Your over-18 year old children who never lived in the USA can use YOUR voting address. 

Registering to vote is easy from your laptop or smartphone -- go to the non-partisan website It literally takes only 3 minutes.  Alternatively, contact AWC member Renee Johnsson at for more assistance. 

The US State Department also has a website where you can register to get an absentee ballot while abroad and which provides further information on voting. 

2024 is an important election year for American democracy. If you have not requested your ballot yet, please do so now. Think of those who came before and fought to give each of us this fundamental right.


Starting in April, our local charity the ReDI School of Digital Integration is looking for more volunteers to join their teaching team. Volunteers do NOT need programming experience. You will be trained on everything you need to know. A bonus is you will learn block programming if you don’t know it already.



Sign ups for Summer Tennis are under way.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Blau-Gold tennis club Steglitz. The summer tennis season is between April 16th and September 10th (22 weeks). Tuesdays 10-12 am. Cost is €792 for one court for two hours, for the whole 22 weeks to be divided among the players. The more players, the lower the fee!!  Email Ferah Laue at to sign-up.


Join us for our Monthly Membership Meeting where you will hear club news, socialize with fellow members and enjoy a fascinating speaker.

Bring a friend! If you know someone who is interested in our Club or this month’s speaker, invite her to join us, and add her as a guest to your registration in Wild Apricot or just email to let us know your guest's name. 

Event Timeline:

10:30 Registration and Social Time

11:00 Meeting Begins

12:00 Meeting Ends, Optional lunch served

Register here.

Pictured: Dr. Irene Noy


130th Anniversary Charity Gala!

Join us to celebrate our club's 130th anniversary with an evening gala event on Saturday, September 21, at 7pm, at Bridge Studios, pictured.


Week of March 1
Kaffee Klatsch (In Person) 
Friday, March 1, 10:30am-12pm
Wine Tasting (In Person)
Friday, March 1, 6-8pm

Week of March 4
Monthly Membership Meeting (In Person)
Monday, March 4, 10:30am-12pm
Mahjong (In Person)
Tuesday, March 5, 10:30am-12pm
W.A. Mozart's The Magic Flute
Tuesday, March 5, 6pm
Literature Book Club (In Person)
Tuesday, March 5, 7-9pm
Valiant Vegans Live Baking (In Person)
Wednesday, March 6, 11am-2pm
Art & Culture: Guided Tour - Josephine Baker - Icon in Motion (In Person)
Thursday, March 7, 11am-1pm
Women & Finance: Women Entrepreneurs Series (Zoom)
Thursday, March 7, 6-7:30pm
Forest Walk & Coffee at Grunewaldsee (In Person)
Saturday, March 9, 10am-12:30pm
Saturday Supper Club - Standard Serious Pizza (In Person)
Saturday, March 9, 6:30-9pm



Week of March 11
German Conversation (In Person)
Monday, March 11, 9:30-10:30am
French Conversation (In Person)
Thursday, March 14, 12:30-2pm
Thirsty Thursday (In Person)
Thursday, March 14, 6:30-9pm
Southwest Stammtisch (In Person)
Saturday, March 16, 10:30am-12pm

Week of March 25
German Conversation (In Person)
Monday, March 25, 9:30-10:30am
Evening Book Club (In Person)
Tuesday, March 26, 7-9pm



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