Ukraine Benefit Raised 4125€

Thank You for Your Support!

Photos (L to R): Catherine Bassett taking home art by Rachael Jablo; AWC volunteer team Lissa Rosenbloom, Jennifer Post Draeger, Aigul Neven, and My-Linh Kunst; Heelah Schoham taking home art by Trhas Gutsche. Photo Credit: My-Linh Kunst.

On Saturday, March 19, AWC Berlin and Beyond Limits hosted a fundraising event to benefit Aktion Deutschland Hilft — Emergency Aid Ukraine. Altogether, the two organizations raised 4125€ through the event and online fundraising. Thank you for your support!

At Beyond Limits, attendees were treated to a full program of music and performance, featuring numerous Ukrainian musicians who have fled their homes in recent weeks. We also enjoyed a buffet of homemade Ukrainian specialities prepared by a team of recent arrivals who were eager to share their food culture at the event. Our own AWC Berlin members contributed artwork and performance to a successful Silent Auction, and attendees also took in the current exhibitions at Beyond Limits, again including Ukrainian artists.

"The refugees who cooked for us are eager to contribute their time and talents, and the performers are so happy to have an audience in Berlin," said Aigul Neven, an AWC Berlin member and co-founder of Beyond Limits. She and Lissa Rosenbloom, AWC's Philanthropy Chair, organized the event in under two weeks.    

Thank you to AWC artists & friends for your Silent Auction donations: Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Rachael Jablo, Trhas Gutsche, Karen Axelrad, Arina Franke, Beate Tenberg-Spang, Lissa Rosenbloom, Ulrike Cameron Henn, Miriam Blackman, and Brenda Marie Turner. Special thanks to My-Linh Kunst for creating the Silent Auction online catalog. 

Thank you to our performers. From Ukraine: Natalia Abbasova (Piano), Alina Shynkarova (Flute), Dmitriy Yevdochenko (Trumpet), Valerii Tihiev (Piano), Denys Izmailov (Piano), The Peace Choir - Beyond Limits.
Based in Berlin: Amelia (dramatic performance), Lana a.k.a. Veggie Oxblood (guitar/voice), Mehira (Trap Soul), and Trevor (DJ).

About the beneficiary: Aktion Deutschland Hilft is a coalition of 23 German relief organizations working together to coordinate humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine. 

Photo below left: Kathryn Bellows Neubauer, Katrin Völkner, and My-Linh Kunst with the homemade Ukrainian buffet. Below right: Lexi Bourdain taking home art by Kirstine Reiner Hansen. Photo credit: My-Linh Kunst.

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